My Thrive experience – Day 2

Day Two

So here I am at day two. Took the lifestyle mix again this morning. Just a tablespoon. So far so good again!

I did notice that I got up feeling fine… I wasn’t dragging like I normally would after going to bed late, and well having drank a bit yesterday. I woke up and was pretty much ready to go. Now to be fair, I felt the same yesterday morning before I had my first Thrive shake. But, I also didn’t overdo it the night before and went to bed at a fairly decent hour. I think tomorrow morning will tell me better if the little bit of Thrive I’m ingesting is doing anything yet. But hey, if I think it is and it feels like it is, isn’t that what matters most?

At the end of the day, I’m feeling good, no issues and really not feeling tired. Tomorrow is going to be the real test though. Day 3 is usually when things affect me negatively if they didn’t within the first half hour/hour of consuming it. Also, back to work so very interested in how it’ll affect me at work. I still can’t be sure, but I really feel like I had more energy than usual. Not much, and I’m not one that really suffered from an extreme lack of energy, but just that tiny little bit seemed noticeable. So we’ll see. I’m very optimistic and hopeful!!


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