My Thrive Experience – Day 1

Day One

Today is the first day of my Thrive experience. Having dietary sensitivities , I was highly skeptical. I have tried various protein shakes before with not good results.

So I was definitely skeptical. After talking to my sponsor on a few occasions, her sponsor posted about even though it contains whey, the rest of what makes up the mix works together to make the whey not react like it might in other circumstances. So I finally decided to give it a whirl.

My sponsor, Cindy, sent me samples and said “let’s go really slow with this to give your body a chance to adapt and for the Thrive to actually work the way it was intended.” I said “sounds great!”  So, per Cindy’s instructions, I took just a tablespoon and mixed it with water. I drank it down….not super fast or anything, but didn’t drag it out either. Then I waited. If something is going to affect me, it usually happens pretty quickly. Mostly it happens within a half hour to an hour.

The appropriate amount of time went by, and……nothing! I think I felt a tiny little bit of something, but I think that is normal with starting Thrive…..probiotics and such. So I went through the rest of the day with no issues. I was a little afraid as I knew we’d be in the car for about 3 hours and was a little worried about something happening. So I made sure to wait until I was pretty sure it was safe.

So far so good! 🙂


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