More to Heartbleed virus that you need to know about: Handshake Bug

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Good news is as long as you’re using your own wi-fi or one you know and trust, you should be fine. I’m crossing my fingers anyway.

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — The safety feature keeping your Web communication private — the same one recently affected by the nasty Heartbleed bug — has even more problems.

You can call this one the “handshake bug.”

Computers and Web servers initiate secure conversations with one another in a process known as a “handshake.” But this week, security researchers discovered a flaw in the way they shake hands. The bug allows a hacker operating between you and a website — say, connected to the same public Wi-Fi network — to snoop in on your Internet session.

Here’s the good news: The handshake bug isn’t as devastating as Heartbleed. The only major browsers it affects are for Google’s Android mobile operating system. And for a hacker to exploit the bug, you and the website must both be running vulnerable versions of the encrypting software, known as OpenSSL.

But it’s yet another wake…

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