My Thrive Experience – Day 6

Day Six

Today I started using the patch. I feel like I’m in a good mood, and can definitely feel more energy than even yesterday. Like I want to get up and do something. Unfortunately we sit too much at work. I am hoping they might get us some sort of add-on to our desks to allow us to stand while working.

By the end of the day, I am feeling good… issues, just generally feeling fine. I now know this is definitely worth buying regardless of if I can get people on board or not. I really hope more people try this out. Not for me, but for themselves. I really think they will be amazed if they give it a try.


My Thrive Experience – Day 5

Day Five

This is a day I thought for sure would be the breaking point to end all breaking points. I did a full mix and pill. And nothing happened. Or if it did, it happened when I would normally do my daily bathroom ritual and therefore was not noticed. I did not feel anything out of order. I did have someone at work comment that it obviously had given me energy. Wow, really? Was I that bad and didn’t even know? I did notice after she said that, that I felt like I really did have more energy than usual. Not nervous energy or anything, but like I could get up and walk around the building or something. I’m really liking this part.

Tomorrow I start “THE patch”. I am really excited about this part as I think this will really be the game changer as far as the rest of what Thrive is all about. I can’t wait.

I am so happy that I was able to try this out when I didn’t think I’d be able to.  I really am loving it and think it is definitely worth it. And I’m not even all the way in!

My Thrive Experience-Day 4

Day Four

So here we are at day 4. A day I didn’t think I would go as it did. I ended up using more of the mix this morning as there wasn’t enough left to make another serving. I also added in a Lifestyle pill. And nothing as far as my stomach is concerned!!! Yay!!!! This is a big step for me, considering my issue.

We’ll see how the rest of the day and this evening goes. Tomorrow I go full on mix and pill again. I am concerned that jumping to full mix will be the breaking point, but we’ll see. I am still hopeful and optimistic. 

My Thrive experience – Day 2

Day Two

So here I am at day two. Took the lifestyle mix again this morning. Just a tablespoon. So far so good again!

I did notice that I got up feeling fine… I wasn’t dragging like I normally would after going to bed late, and well having drank a bit yesterday. I woke up and was pretty much ready to go. Now to be fair, I felt the same yesterday morning before I had my first Thrive shake. But, I also didn’t overdo it the night before and went to bed at a fairly decent hour. I think tomorrow morning will tell me better if the little bit of Thrive I’m ingesting is doing anything yet. But hey, if I think it is and it feels like it is, isn’t that what matters most?

At the end of the day, I’m feeling good, no issues and really not feeling tired. Tomorrow is going to be the real test though. Day 3 is usually when things affect me negatively if they didn’t within the first half hour/hour of consuming it. Also, back to work so very interested in how it’ll affect me at work. I still can’t be sure, but I really feel like I had more energy than usual. Not much, and I’m not one that really suffered from an extreme lack of energy, but just that tiny little bit seemed noticeable. So we’ll see. I’m very optimistic and hopeful!!

My Thrive Experience – Day 1

Day One

Today is the first day of my Thrive experience. Having dietary sensitivities , I was highly skeptical. I have tried various protein shakes before with not good results.

So I was definitely skeptical. After talking to my sponsor on a few occasions, her sponsor posted about even though it contains whey, the rest of what makes up the mix works together to make the whey not react like it might in other circumstances. So I finally decided to give it a whirl.

My sponsor, Cindy, sent me samples and said “let’s go really slow with this to give your body a chance to adapt and for the Thrive to actually work the way it was intended.” I said “sounds great!”  So, per Cindy’s instructions, I took just a tablespoon and mixed it with water. I drank it down….not super fast or anything, but didn’t drag it out either. Then I waited. If something is going to affect me, it usually happens pretty quickly. Mostly it happens within a half hour to an hour.

The appropriate amount of time went by, and……nothing! I think I felt a tiny little bit of something, but I think that is normal with starting Thrive…..probiotics and such. So I went through the rest of the day with no issues. I was a little afraid as I knew we’d be in the car for about 3 hours and was a little worried about something happening. So I made sure to wait until I was pretty sure it was safe.

So far so good! 🙂

My love/hate relationship with nail polish and all things relating to fancy nails

I love getting my nails did. I love painting my nails. But I don’t like the price tag of having them did or how easily the polish wears off. Barn stuff wears hard on the polish. And getting the acrylics is easily the cost of a bag of feed. And having 2 hard keepers makes the decision easy, albeit unhappy. I say unhappy. I love my horses and having them and taking care of them. But it would just be nice if I could keep up the acrylics. Using polish is nearly a joke. After about 3 days it’s wearing or chipping off. No matter what I use. And because it wears off that easily I’m not going with anything super expensive. Because I’ve read reviews and am relatively certain that it’ll be as bad or worse for me. So what’s a girl to do? Grin and bear it and use nail polish anyway.

I have found that Sally Hansen’s gel top coat seems to work pretty well with whatever base coat you want. I also found Nail Aid no light gel top coat works pretty well too. Both dry amazingly fast, under a minute and cure pretty hard in a relatively short time as well. In fact as they are curing they seem to harden faster than others that dry fairly quickly but seem to take a little longer to cure. Considering both are in black or black coated bottles, maybe that’s why? Regardless, I like them the best…..not expensive and work well. Well actually my favorite is the acrylics. And to those who think “gel” is different from acrylic, I’m sorry, but it’s not what you think. The gel you might be thinking about is either the gel manicure or the “pink and white gel”  that is acrylic but on a molecular level and is still acrylic.  People ask for the gel manicure or the gel acrylics. Be careful what you’re asking for. I love my acrylics. They last a long time….even with a piece of horse hair splitting it. I don’t recommend leaving it that way as that encourages bacteria growth and whatnot, but I only left it for a very short time period before removing it and having it redone. I think it was  less than 2 days. Be smart. If anything infiltrates that barrier, you need to go have it fixed.